Our Mission

Our mission at HNS Sports Group is to provide a select, highly valued client base with professional, efficient and effective representation through the defined categories of Event Management, Hospitality Management, Property and Sponsorship Consulting, and Tournament Operations within the golf market.
Event Management

HNS Sports Group provides turn-key event management services. From professional golf tournaments to corporate outings, HNS offers strategic and tactical expertise, leading sales/marketing and operations…

Hospitality Management

One of the most effective methods of becoming more familiar with valued clients is to create unique and exciting venues in which to interact. HNS Sports Group specializes in generating creative ways to entertain clients through…

Property and Sponsorship Consulting

The HNS Sports Group team uses proven industry knowledge and extensive relationships within the golf marketplace to help companies create and implement a comprehensive golf strategy. From…

Tournament Operations

Earned through experience at over 350 professional golf events, the HNS Operations Team has acquired a vast knowledge of staging a first class event. HNS Tournament Managers provide year-round service, culminating…

About US

HNS Sports Group is well positioned to assist companies, who find value in the golf industry, build and execute comprehensive golf branding or sponsorship strategies. Effectively understanding the golf marketplace today is a significant challenge. The HNS Sports Group team possesses over 125 years of collective experience that is applied to lead companies in their efforts to maximize value from golf sponsorship and event participation.

Our Team

Dan Sullivan
President, HNS
Ted Hines
New Business Account Manager
Championship Director, 2016 U.S. Senior Open
Kip Eriksen
Chief Operating Officer, HNS
Executive Director, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship
John Jankovic
Chief Financial Officer, HNS
Heather Ditty
Account Coordinator
brief description
Randy Ford
Account Manager, HNS
Sales Director, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship
Rob Frederick
Operations, HNS
Tim Heitmann
Operations, HNS
Vince Hoffart
Sales, HNS
Susan Hosket
Sales, HNS
Kristina Khalili
Account Manager, HNS
Denise McBride
Account Manager, HNS
Kip McBride
Director Operations, HNS
Tournament Director, Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship
Michael McGovern
Operations Manager, HNS
April Raupple
Account Manager, HNS
Pat Ross
Account Coordinator, HNS
Walt Shuler
Jack Nicklaus Golf Calendar, HNS
Tom Sprouse
Communications Director, HNS
Max Yankee
Operations, HNS

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